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Originally Posted by macallen View Post
Well that, or any semi-competent tactical officer noticing that Geordi was broadcasting and tracing it down before putting him back on duty.

"You were tortured and they took your visor? That's ok, you can go right back to being on duty, no question's asked."

Uh huh.
It's a pity that the show's writers made up some very godawful plot devices to kill off the old ship to tear down the old sets to make way for the new Voyager sets. This is the actual reason they took out the Ent D in the end.

So we had:

- Riker (who beat the ******n Borg and saved Picard) suddenly forget how to rapidly vapourise a 100 foot long obsolete scout ship while he was commanding the Federations's most powerful battleship of the time.

- Georgie who must have been hit on the head a few times while being Soran's prisoner because he knew how to rotate shield frequencies all the time in the TNG series.

- The Enterprise for not withstanding hull strikes from old Klingon weaponry when the previously mentioned Borg hit it in the same spot on the engineering hull in Best of both Worlds with their supremely advanced cutting beams!