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02-03-2010, 01:05 AM
Originally Posted by Captain_K.C. View Post
Thank you, that's all we ask. I can see the spam just by going to my PM inbox, I prefer to fight bad guys ingame not spammers.
Not really no, that tactic will not and has never worked as these people put quite eloquently: (a former GM at blizzard)
Originally Posted by kosh800 View Post
you also run into the problem of rerouting their IPs through Indonesia, Australia, and even the Cuban Isles (true story).

To be honest I was never in the higher echelon of Blizz communication so I have no idea why they didn't just outright ban IP access from China, or Asia for that matter ... so I can't really tell you why they didn't.

All I can tell you is that it was a giant pain int he ass to track down and ID the problem makers. That was with a staff of 30 or more people at 24 hours 7 days a week. Most of our database searches were done over night as to not stress the servers during play time but even then ... it was far too much to handle.

I hope what I'm saying makes it to the STO leads sp they can determine a good combat strat. This isn't a game you're playing anymore. It's an all out war with another nation that refuses to acknowledge your laws and rules as far as gaming and businesses are concerned.

Do what Blizzard didn't have the balls to do. Take the gloves off and tell them, with out any notion other than the fact, "NO!" You will not stand for anything less. You will not abide while they attempt to leach off of you ... you will not accept that they are a nu sense that you must deal with. Give them a clear an undeniably equivocate, "NO!"
Originally Posted by Soradon
Are you serious? They knew from day one that there would be RTMers. So for the ONLY MMO to come close to combating the issue would be eve online. They are the only ones to have banned enough RTMers and offer an alternative to make it viable to keep RTMers out. STO has no such system, nor have I even seen an attempt outside of the MMO standard of just banning accounts.

Dont be fooled, cryptic couldnt care less. They have other issues to worry about right now. I doubt we will ever see anything, or any sort of system that will deter these gold sellers.

Tell you what, offer credits for cryptic points and be AGGRESSIVE with banning accounts and you will actually see a decline. Dont take the lazy way out and rely on the community to get rid of RTMers. Because obviously there is a market for it.
Proactive not reactive, the damage has already been done once the message has got through, and you aren't stopping them being sent in the first place (or the resulting activities which as long as they profit the spams will continue to be sent - the spams are just a symptom not the cause) otherwise... If they continue to succeed they have no reason to stop as long as they are making a profit which they will if you don't actually stop them doing it in the first place and actively stop the farming/transference that feeds it. This is a fairly good case study, not many other game companies that I can find have dealt with the issues as rationally (not JUST cathartic banning) and professionally: though of course again there needs to be more than banning if you want to actually change anything, they already know they will lose accounts but they don't care, if you leave it to just react after they have been sent it's a battle of attrition which they will always win.

I'm not sure if Cryptic actually cares about this though seeing as they only seem to have assigned customer support to it rather than any developers saying they are implementing measures to stop it happening in the first place rather than reacting after - it seems it's just a case of hoping people will be happy enough with the banning because it seems on the surface that something has been done. It's cathartic but not achieving a thing other than a slight dent in the "smuggler's" profits.