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02-03-2010, 12:32 AM
Originally Posted by kendo33
my search skills are a bit weak but I did try searching and couldn't find an answer.

is it possible to attack, in your first BoP, from cloak? I know you cannot be cloaked when you attack, but unless I am missing something, it appears you have to manually shut off cloaking, then start your attacks. was wondering if there is a way to initiate an attack, which turns off the cloaking right before firing your weapons.

Atm Klingons are in an disadventage on that matter.

When you klik stealth off, you get instantly phasered by Fedball. Thus meaning when actually Klingons should have the 1st Alpha strike from stealth, actually Fedball does a perfect 5man Volley against the Klingon who decloaks. ( they have same target, no need to focus via vent or chat. Thank autoaim/autoattack +spacebar spam ).

Basicly our stealth should be turned off automatically when we fire a weapon/weapons.