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02-03-2010, 12:35 AM
Originally Posted by Bloodlance View Post
1. Klingons are experienced OB CB players who play 90%+ in premades. Thus your normal fed pug looses 99% the time (cruisers x 5 in T2 is a tough one, depending if they have dedicated healer)

2. Last night our team lost 2 ships to feds as they had a player who detected us over 10km away (this needs high aux and approperiate skill).

3. When combat starts and one Fed runs away, we cant follow him as there is a wall of mines in front of us and we take heat on frontal shields (atleast 1 of us) (i have seen multiple klingons die to mines when the battle is waged in a intense mess)

4. Fedball effect will be always the same, even with Klingons if we have cloak or we dont. Piling up in a 5vs5 is a must. So your byproduct theory is utter crap.

5. Even if you find the 5 Klingons in a Stealth, what would you do? shoot at them ? ofc. and then its the same situtation 5vs5 and combat starts. (with approperiate talent and high aux, you find every klingon 100% inside 10km).

6. If 10km+ is not enuff to detect a cloak, then i just have to say it " learn the game, before you post ".

7. Rarely when i pug, if Klingons loose 5(fed) - 0(Klingon) , we suicide to fedball. So its 100% the same on our side, it has nothing to do with Stealth, but everything to do with quick exp.

8. Any possible thing in game that lets EVERY Fed or Klingon to detect stealth 100% the time inside X km is a element in game that is gamebreaking.

9. 5vs5 space DM is a quick game, IF Klingon team gets inside as full team. Usually we lack 1 or 2 players and thus will not attack until we have even teams with Federation team. ( you would do the same, dont lie ).

10. Cloak atm works just as it should, if you know how/what is needed, you can detect cloak over 10km away.

11. You didnt say what tier you play ? if its T1, your post is a joke (T1 is tutorial) , IF its T2, well Klingons in general are much more experienced then Feds so go figure the outcome. When we play against Feds, they generally die pretty fast, no one of them repairs their team mates, and they play SOLO mode in a ball. Thus meaning when we have Klingon players who heal over 50 000 in one game x 3, what you think will happen ?

12. Its all about Team work, Team play and helping your Friend who is focused. If you cant help him, you fail, your fault that your team lost, not the enemys OP Stealth or dps.

13. Feds play solo play 99% the time, thats PUG for you. ( team up and just go with the Zerg and solo play ). = recipe for fail and loosing.
All your stat making up aside, I play Klingon Tier 3 currently, Tier 4 tomorrow. I play nothing but pugs except for when I join random pugs for a couple more games. It doesn't take any coodination.

Most people do switch on RSP, but it doesn't matter. Can you coordinate mid fight with a pug to change targets? Most can't.