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02-03-2010, 01:39 AM
Originally Posted by JustTray View Post
All your stat making up aside, I play Klingon Tier 3 currently, Tier 4 tomorrow. I play nothing but pugs except for when I join random pugs for a couple more games. It doesn't take any coodination.

Most people do switch on RSP, but it doesn't matter. Can you coordinate mid fight with a pug to change targets? Most can't.
Yea and other Klingons on THAT level have played so much PvP that you have it in your back bone.

Escorts primary, Science 2nd and Cruisers last. Survival CDs POP POP POP, Help the friend with Science team I etc etc extend shields. (+ Klingons use talents that counters the enemys healing, ive NEVER seen a fed break a extend shield talent )

Feds just dont do that. They are like sunday drivers on crack. sorry but its true.