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02-03-2010, 12:58 AM
I ran into a few guys in open beta who could expose %100 of the time. Really though I could 2 shot them myself switching weapons using sniper/split beam. I have no idea what they do for 100% expose, but as a open beta rear admiral leveled mostly in ground pvp, I'm backing up the OP here and saying there is something that does this.

In another match there was a guy hitting me for 430~ with sniper shot when I wasn't exposed, I didn't have red circle and didn't disintergrate from the death.
The overloaded plasma sniper rifle which u get as a reward on a commander level mission (its a Mk V Captain rifle, yeah I know that doesn't sound right) says in the description it does ?? damage and 66% knockback ?? feet.
I have found that the damage this does to npc's is somewhere between 50 and 700ish without any flank etc. on average it does the same as a comparable sniper rifle but sometimes it does huge numbers other times it only does 50.