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02-03-2010, 01:04 AM
I created a tactical officer and wanted to play escorts at first but since fed escorts are just plain slow and have the sadest maneuverability + no working mask energy sig there is no point in playing them.

So I switched to cruisers and it feels a bit better even though the klingon ships are superior hands down. They might have less slots and a bit less hull but that doesn´t matter if you can blow up 2 of 5 ships in about 5 seconds and then outmaneuver the remaining ships by sitting behind them or on either side avoiding the torpedo launchers. Even the klingon battlecruisers have a pretty good turn rate. And one might say that they need that sinse the weapons sit in the front. Bottomline is that the fed cruisers have nothing to put up against it and making them turn like a frigate woun´t do the trick and would be weird. A fed cruiser is not supposed to dog fight. But then they need a better survivability (repair rate and shield strenght or recharge) and maybe a bonus when it comes to switching power levels so I can switch faster from shields to aux.

I played klingons in OB most of the time and even thought klingons were seriously gimped gearwise it was possible to blow feds out of the water by ambushing them, focus fire and battle cloak out of there asap. And even when they had a science ship with them and were organised we simply blew the science ship away first. And in OB as well as atm science ships have way more survivability than cruiser anyways.

One might read this as a "nref other - buff me post". Feel free. But it doesn´t change the fact that at at the latest at T3 PvP becomes plain sad for fed ships. (can´t speak for science ships, no idea how they are holding up.)

As soon as I hit captain with my fed and sit in my Galaxy Class for 5mins I´ll go back to the winning side.

Cruiser shouldn´t get more turn rate since they are supposed to fight like this (link from a very good cruiser basics post )
So the solution is not an increased turn rate. Just make cruisers the rock they are supposed to be.