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02-03-2010, 01:35 AM
Originally Posted by Rothnang
Right now PvP is just nothing but stupid in this game. It's absolutely no fun to play a faction that can never go on the offensive. That has only one valid strategy and that's to huddle together because they can't do a single damn thing that is in any way proactive, because they can't see their enemies, ever.

Then this entire idiotic thing with evasive meneuvers + engine battery. What a gooddamn piece of crap that is. If a Klingon ship gets target it can simply accelerate to 3km/s, drop combat and cloak and thereby reset the fight. Sure, a federation ship can technically do the same, but it doesn't help you any, because you're still visible afterward, your enemies will simply keep coming after you, not to mention the only "safe" place is the ball of ships you're forced into, so by running away from it you may have saved yourself for the moment, but you're just setting yourself up to get ganked by whoever is out there that you can't even see.

A game where an entire faction has absolutely perfect stealth is just dumb. Nothing but dumb. There is no strategy for federation players, because there is nothing for you to attack. You can only wait.

And there is no way to reset a fight as a Federation player, because you can't just turn your ship invisible and wait for a new opportunity to strike. If you're in a fight then you're in it for good. You can't run and hide the second it doesn't go your way.

Cryptic doesn't seem to understand that picking your battles is 90% of winning, and the way the game is currently set up only one faction gets to pick their battles and that faction just happens to also be able to reset any fights that they didn't pick well.
Perfect post. I agree completely. Also, it's funny because in tier 2 it was a little more balanced and I kept telling the feds, "just wait until I get my cruiser." It's just ridiculous now. You add the capability to tank and support to the initial strategy and cloaking and the tables are just not fair. Sorry to be the one who has to spread the bad news.