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02-03-2010, 01:55 AM
Originally Posted by ocharni View Post
man ... reading all these replies ... gotta love that "Klingons are just better players" bandwagon ...

sure you are ... keep telling yourself that ... its got nothing to do with the fact that since last klingon overhaul in OB the picture turned 180 from fed dominated to klingon dominated ...

lets just try this ... give fed escorts cloak and see how that works ... but dont come crying when you actually start to loose games ... ive played klingon live up to the middle of T2 and its stupidly easy ... you dont even need to form a team ...

and dont come whining about cruisers in T2 ... even without them its 90% klingon wins ...

1. Give us Cruisers in T2

2. IF you get cloak, your shield and hull has to be nerfed like ours is. (means your escorts pretty much suck at that point, and welcome to the club).

3. There is no idea of giving Stealth to Feds as it breaks the immersion and when i play this game Immersion is the biggest reason i play it, the actual game is not so great itself, but the athmosphere when i know i am a Klingon and i stalk my pray etc. Ofc Romulans will have cloak, but thats part of the Star Trek universe lore etc.

4. Even if you get cloak, your aft will be handed to you. Trust me, Federation Pugs with Stealthers will only mean that your Cruisers will be alone and the PuG escorts will stroll in the middle while Cruisers are crying for help. THATS A FACT.