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02-03-2010, 02:03 AM
Originally Posted by JustTray View Post
Perfect post. I agree completely. Also, it's funny because in tier 2 it was a little more balanced and I kept telling the feds, "just wait until I get my cruiser." It's just ridiculous now. You add the capability to tank and support to the initial strategy and cloaking and the tables are just not fair. Sorry to be the one who has to spread the bad news.
Then tell me, ive played over 100 PvP games (5vs5 Cracked planetoid) and ive seen 0 extend shields on Federation players. TELL ME why ?

How can you even say that we are OP, when your teams dont even support themselves ?

How can you demand anything when your Pugs play like **** and demand totally retarded things like instant cloak detection under 5km for all and nerf klingon shields etc ? what in the targ are you thinking ?

You can agree but the information given is flaved, you cant compare a team that has almost 0 support players who know what they are doing. Trust me our healer does 50 000 -75 000 in a tight game vs Feds and we have 4 players who can heal, but they focus on DPS instead and when someone needs help they start HELPING.

Fed teams suck aft big time, you have Science players but they have **** talents that dont help the team at all. Its totally inexperience thats showing in the 5vs5 games on fed side. And i put my hand on a bible and state this => ITS THE TRUTH.