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# 1 Ingame options/camera
02-03-2010, 02:04 AM
Well there is a few things to report here, I already sent bug reports ingame and nothing has been done, So i'm gonna report them here.

1) I cannot access a menu or drop-down selection for changing the visual graphic skin displayed on my PC, I designed a uniform for a reason but I have no option to display it instead of the armor/kit, whenever I right click on the armor or kit nothing happens, not even a flicker of a menu. This has been going on all through open beta and despite my many reports on the matter it's been ignored. I know other people can do it, I watched my brother do it on his computer when I visited his house, he saw that I couldn't do it when he visited mine and mentioned it then shown me when I went round.

2) Everytime I press the right mouse button (Space or Ground) my camera reverts to pointing directly up or directly down, this is annoying me quite alot, it makes the right mouse button null and void. I tried everything from removing any and all settings that where set to right mouse button, to setting every option I could with the right mouse button and same button+ctrl or alt, everytime it reverts the camera angle on me and all I can see is sky or ground, it still preforms the other function aswell if one is set. I reported this all through open beta too but not a thing was done about it, not even a kind response to say it was being looked into.