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02-03-2010, 02:40 AM
Originally Posted by Dromichaites View Post
I only have a problem with the title they gave for free.
Accessed the C-Stor and claimed it but it does not show up in my rank/title bar thing.
When you grabbed it from C-store , the icon was black.
It ends up in your inventory as a black icon, same color as your inventory slot has so you canīt se it.
But move around your mouse pointer in the black slots and you will se its description when you mouse over it and then just click it.

It will go in your character screen lower left part where you can set your title.

However even if i select ambasador as title it does not show up. I still have that Lt Commander title.

And i could only select either ambasador or the envoy title from my inventory. Not both.
So just drag and drop the "left over" black icon to delete it so it does not take up unecessary inventory space.