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# 1 Feds OP in ground PvP?
02-03-2010, 02:41 AM
This is my experience with some games from the start of Live, though I've played since CB and done OB and Headstart. I know ground PvP is buggy as hell, and it seems to actually bug in Fed favour.

Autofire Rifles (not sure exact name but something like that) - Basically from the fights I've seen them used, they seem to produce a lot of damage, so much so that in a previous game today an hour ot 2 back, we had a 5v5 on Assimilated Cruiser. We'd bunch up and they'd rush into us, 4 secs later we are all dead, literally. No exposes or anything, they did spam those annoying skills that slow/root/stun/prevent you attacking as they attacked. Has anyone else experience a similar problem with these rifles? Hell the team that was using them even seemed to potentially be botting as well, not a single message, moving around the map in exactly the same pattern, spamming the same abilities etc.

OK the scenario for this one, abandoned ship, 7v7 or whatever, I had one of them exposed with stasis field and right after it I used my sniper ability to kill them, but instead found that they took barely any damage, still had just over 1/3 shield left. No abilities I could see were used on the player, the exposed icon was on there the whole time, I had no debuffs on me, no one shooting at me or interupting me. I asked them and he said he had blue/purple gear. They were not a team or anything and no science as far as I could tell since no heal/stasis etc were used. Could anyone tell me what happened here?

Another problem, quite a number of Feds seem to end up with blue/purple gear, and use klingons stuck with whites. Creates a large imbalance.

Not sure what some people have been doing, but I've seen a few people able to sprint around two shooting people without exposing.