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02-03-2010, 02:54 AM
Originally Posted by fluhi View Post
Beams fire 1 beam of damage every second and fires for 4 seconds and recharges in 1 second.
Cannons fire 2 shots of damage a second with Turrets and Non Heavy cannons firing for 2 seconds with a 1 second recharge, while Heavy Cannon fires 1 second with a 2 second cooldown

% of Single Beam damage over time(approximate)
Turrets 75%
Single Beam 100%
Single Cannon 120%
Dual Beam 133%
Dual Cannon 166%
Dual Heavy Cannon 166%
actually cannons (dual and single) fire 4 shots in a second, after which they take 1 second to cooldown (so 2 seconds in total) heavys shoot 2 in 1 second with an additional 2 seconds after that.