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02-03-2010, 02:54 AM
Originally Posted by Moody View Post
AUX does effect the tier 4 - as does Turn rate consoles and any buff that increases turn rate.

However they are all percentage boosts and a base of 5 to work with means that mostly you wont notice much of a change.

As I have mentioned tonnes before an increase of just 2 would make the world of difference as the Heavy Cruiser feels perfectly fine as a cruiser - it cant turn fast but its not a beached whale.

And would the people who can only contribute "So you want to turn like a escort?" please turn the other way and exit via the clearly marked doors - no-one is asking for the turn speeds escorts have... or even the turns speeds science ships have...
The science ships need to be reduced to closer to cruiser levels of turning.

Escorts are fine.

Cruisers are what they should be .. slow ponderous HULKS that can take a beating.