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Just as I am allowed to accelerate / decelerate, I want to steer the ship from the UI with the mouse.

I want a bar over the ship's shields readout that I can click on to lock the turning rate of the ship to the left or right, which would keep the ship turning until I click in the middle area. Yeah, I don't want it to stop turning when I move the mouse away, that would defeat the purpose.

Here is what I mean:
Going straight:

Turning left

Turning Right

Make the rectange taller, and it could even include pitch, like so:
Turning left, descending

Turning right, ascending
[ --------O-]

Turning left, level
These simple changes would finally free up my other hand to hold essential slices of pizza or beer.
<rant>Whatever happened to the days when you could play a MMO game with just the mouse?</rant>

But seriously, it would also add finer control over rate of turning.
Besides, the only reason for using both hands at the moment is WASD.
(and maybe the acceleration controls, if you are using E and Q, which I am not)

Make it so!