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02-03-2010, 02:57 AM
people never seem to learn that the gold seller is not only after your $9.99 but will use your credit card details to further the advancement of their profits. The websites they use may also contain keyloggers which will also compromise your account and you may log in one morning to find your character(s) stripped of all assets and worse banned for gold selling due to someone else using your account for the purpose.

spread the word buying gold is bad for your security and WILL always end in tears

On another note any chance of cryptic looking at some form of authenticator , Blizzard introduced them some time ago as an option in an attempt to reduce the number of hijacked accounts. Last number I heard from blizzard was over 5k accounts a day were compromised ( don't quote me on that) so as you can imagine the costs involved for gm time resolving these issues are not insignificant either.