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02-03-2010, 03:05 AM
Yes it is the only thing that matters, and in a coordinated encounter on both sides, the Feds are actually at a very slight advantage on most tiers.
Incorrect. All tiers. Its that most feds don't want to 'do it right' you really need balance as a fed team.

More than two of any one ship is one too many. 2 escorts 2 sci one cruiser, 2 sci 2 cruisers one escort.
2 escorts 2 cruisers 1 sci.

Each has a different dynamic to it. But has very few weaknesses. The first is a high dps high risk set up where the sci guys REALLY need to pay attention to the escorts.. The second is a classic ball with the escort being the guy that is the bait with the other four focusing on him to keep him alive and keep the ball in overlapping fields of fire to win... The last is the least tenable unless the cruisers assist on the Escort coverage for the pounding they'll take...

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