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02-03-2010, 04:04 AM
Originally Posted by Mardalo View Post
I think there is already far too much customization available. What military (which is what Star Fleet has become) makes up custom vehicles for every officer? Even if they whine a lot or pout. "You want a pink and green tank with tail fins, go find another line of work."

Smaller (low-rank) ships simply don't have the space or power capacity to be ungraded. Where would you put the extra consoles (and suipporting electronics)? There is only a limited number of cubic meters. You may wish to put a really large engine in your small car, but get a grip: You can't.

Star Trek isn't fantasy. It has a basis in projected scientific reality (with excessive techo-babble added in).

I must admit to having the same problem with the non-uniformity of uniforms.
Can't deny your point from a realistic point

Just want to "upgrade" the experience for everyone If someone chooses not to customize it would be good as anything else. I just have the strong feeling that more possibilities are going hand to hand with more sucess