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02-03-2010, 04:19 AM
Originally Posted by Skolle
No surprise that the first page of this forum has multiple posts calling for both the nerfing and buffing of Klingons in pvp. After all, in the 10 years I've been playing MMOs, I've found that QQ about how other classes are better than the class played by the poster probably accounts for 85% of all forum posts. It doesn't matter if actual balance were actually achieved, one would still find an ocean of tears on the forums.

I find it interesting that we're all judging the game from the first few days of release, rather than taking the time to actually learn the game and see if there are balances and counters. I've personally found it interesting that the Fed Science Ship heals for significantly more than any other ship, Fed or Klingon, with not only the aux power based science powers, but the engineering powers and the engineering and science teams as well. This fact doesn't seem to be common knowledge, or at least I never see it mentioned. Frankly, it's a point of frustration for me that the Klingons don't have a good, solid support ship that has these innate healing buffs (I'm crossing my fingers for the carrier!). I'm guessing that this isn't the only surprise that the devs have left for us as we take the time to get to know our ships and our crews.

There is an unfortunate and severe dearth of information about anything in this game, it seems that the devs have decided that rather than document the actual effects of anything, they'll leave us to our own devices to fumble through and figure things out on our own. I personally find this frustrating. On the other hand, I find it difficult to pass judgement regarding game balance at this point, considering that despite having played from the first day of open beta and the headstart, I still know very little of how the game works.

The point of this ramble is, I'm hoping that we can see some good, old-fashioned theorycrafting here in the near future, sharing what we've learned of the game and building strategies from it. Unfortunately though, I have a feeling we're just in for a lot more QQ.

err...... plenty of ob experience here in the forums. the complaints aren't totally unfounded.

nothing has changed in balance from ob to now.