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02-03-2010, 04:19 AM
Originally Posted by Dasorine
actually cannons (dual and single) fire 4 shots in a second, after which they take 1 second to cooldown (so 2 seconds in total) heavys shoot 2 in 1 second with an additional 2 seconds after that.
If you look at the right click info it is there. Also if you calculate the damage per shot my way you get the dps number that is listed your way would do same damage in 2/3's the time that is a 50% increase over the same dps number.

Heavy's have double the damage of Dual cannons yet same dps. They could not be the same dps if one cycle was 2 second and the others was 3 seconds. If in fact Dual cannons are only firing for 1 second and getting all 4 damage shots off then they are broken as that is a bigger increase then any other weapon gets as that would make it around 250% of a single beam's damage for dps.

As you can see in my other post above there seems to be a flow to the arc vs damage with single cannon and single beams being adjusted to lower arc damage's as halving the arc seems to increase the damage 33% of single beam. Single beams get a damage bonus around a 180 arc while single cannons are getting around a 125 degree arc bonus yet both of those are much larger arc's then those yet follows in line with the 33% for halving. 360 - 180 - 90 - 45 or 75 - 100 - 133 - 166 if we had 22.5 degree arc weapons i would expect them to do 200% dps of a single beam.