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02-03-2010, 04:32 AM
I just killed the escort while letting the Warvig beat on me, once the escort was dead the Warvig tried to surrender but i just laughed at him. With the crusier I can take on 3 or 4 battleships alone so the Warvig is not much of a issue.

The way I deal with the large capital ships is just a face off, by reinforcing my fron shields constantly, rotating shield frequency, boarding party, overloaded torps, mines, a rear plasma turret and using reverse engines to keep them in front of me as long as possible. I go for the quick kill and when it's dead I go into defensive mode and fly around a bit to firm up the shields then repeat for another quick kill.

Weapon systems I like:
Phaser Cannons up front (45 degree arc)
Quantum Torps up front
Plasma turret at rear (360 degree attack)
Quantum Mines at rear

So as you can tell its alot of fire power up front, shields don't last long and the torps and mines rip thru the hull pretty good. Key I found is, once it is in range revers your engines so you can keep all weapons to bear for as long as possible.

Oh one other thing, you gotta have the power to be able to keep your front shields up.