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02-03-2010, 05:21 AM
What about instead of being able to make it the same as the different tiers we try something a little different. Say at Lt 5 and every 10 levels you can upgrade one ship of the same tier or lower. I.E. Tier 1 upgrade could only be used on the Miranda and the Tier 2 could be used only on the Miranda or Excalibur. The upgrade would give a 10% boost in stats since I seem to remember that the difference between each tier is about 20%.

It would then give you a choice to do one of the following.
Add one weapons slot fore or aft (max 4 fore and aft)
Add a bridge station (max 2 of each)
Promote a bridge station one rank, up to one rank below you (max Commander)
Add a console upgrade slot (max 4 of each)

This gives you a total of 5 upgrades and would allow you to keep a favorite ship upgraded to be mildly competitive but inferior to the ships of the tier. For example you could take Constitution with 4 upgrades and add 2 weapons for a 3/3 layout, promote you Lt Eng to a LtC and add an Ens Tac station. I don't think this would be overpowered personally since it still wouldn't be as good as a Tier 5 but updates it to be a bit more competitive and allows you to personalize your ship a bit more.