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02-03-2010, 05:49 AM
Originally Posted by Mardalo View Post
I think there is already far too much customization available. What military (which is what Star Fleet has become) makes up custom vehicles for every officer? Even if they whine a lot or pout. "You want a pink and green tank with tail fins, go find another line of work."

Smaller (low-rank) ships simply don't have the space or power capacity to be ungraded. Where would you put the extra consoles (and suipporting electronics)? There is only a limited number of cubic meters. You may wish to put a really large engine in your small car, but get a grip: You can't.

Star Trek isn't fantasy. It has a basis in projected scientific reality (with excessive techo-babble added in).

I must admit to having the same problem with the non-uniformity of uniforms.

I believe in later years of the Dominion war Starfleet Corps of Engineers were creating kit bash ships. Containing different variations based on what resources they had available. So it is easily explainable that the ships would all possibly look different. So upgrading is good.

I must agree with the original poster in this thread, I too am worried that after a year all you will see in this game are high end ships and lots of them and very few low end ships