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02-03-2010, 07:00 AM
Ok I don't know which specific thread this should go in. During beta and headstart I only had one gamecrash. No other problems with graphics or the like. Yesterday I played for oh an hour, maybe slightly longer. In the middle of the S.S Azura mission the game froze. I got these red wavy lines on the screen. I was able to alt tab out and go back in. It would move for a moment then do it again. I finally just turned my comp off. I left it off for about 20 mins. I came back was able to turn it on. When I went back into the game just to see where I was going to spawn. Game got stuck on the loading screen and those lines appeared again. I could no longer alt tab out.

I turned my comp off, waited a few mins. When I turned it back on I had these dotted green lines across the screen. When it got past the Windows XP screen, the screen just went black. An hour and half later, I was able to get fully back to using my comp. But after barely five mins of use, those red lines would pop up and the screen would go black. I left it off all night, and right now so far so good.

For cooling, I put a fan underneath my laptop to get more airflow going. I was thinking about calling up geeksquad and having them check it out. Any other suggestions? This is my first comp, have had it for 3 years and no major problems playing MMOs the whole time. I also am finding it weird that this just started happening. If my system was so out of date to play this game, wouldn't I have had major problems earlier?

ETA: within a min of submitting this post. I got frozen screen with red wavy lines, then nothing. My comp lasted for about 15 mins this morning.