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# 1 Away Team Composition
02-03-2010, 07:01 AM
Last night I figured I'd try out the Borg bridge officer that I got when I purchased STO from Amazon. After getting rid of my favorite engineering officer to make space I equipped the borg officer. As of now I have two engineers (one is the borg), two medical officers and one tactical (I'm a tactical captain). I was trying to make an away team of the liberated borg, as well as my other engineer, and the two medical officers. Is the borg officer now allowed to be on an away team? It seemed like no matter what combination of officers I picked I couldn't get the borg on the way team with the other engineer.
I've had two engineers as my standard away team in the past... I think. At this point I just don't take the borg on away teams but without that old engineering officer I replaced things don't run nearly as smooth during ground combat.