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02-03-2010, 07:10 AM
Science ships dont have enough slots for those, as both science ships and cruisers need to focus on getting a decent broadside first, and then some torps.
Yes they do, dont be silly :p

I slot:
FORE - 1x Dual Phase Beam Banks + 1x Quantum Torpedo Launcher
Aft - 2x Phaser Array

There plenty of power to run them. No i do not auto fire my Beam Banks, i tell them when to shoot, so i can time my tacyon beam + target sub-system shield + HY Quantums at the right time to one shot anything upto a Cruiser.

My broad-side/rear firing is still effective with my 2x Phaser banks allowing me to reposition myself for attack runs using tractor beam to hold them in place.

To the OP, your cruiser is slower and less agile, you will need to adjust your playstyle to get the best from it. I cant give you any specific advice (since i havent played a cruiser) but listen to the comments made by other cruiser captains.