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Originally Posted by Palaxormi
okay, holy crud, this got larger than I expected.
I wanted to ask a few people questions ingame, but doing so now would take ages.
So... I'll send pm's with them instead.
gleaning from your notes, here's what I think you want/don't want:
  • You don't want a Fleet that requires your presence x amount of time, or to be somewhere specific at such and such a time. You want a fleet that respects your time and your real life, and is grateful for any time you choose to share with your Fleetmates.
  • You enjoy PvE first, and can enjoy PvP as well, along with some raiding, and you don't mind a bit of RP. But everything in moderation.
  • You want a Fleet that is into having fun, has no drama or BS.
  • You want to play with people who are like yourselves ("like minded people") - imo that's impossible for a Fleet to respond to unless you provide a lot more info about yourselves.
Did I capture what you are looking for? You may want to add a few details so that Fleets can respond more directly and specifically. You will always get the copy and paste recruiting notices, that's just the nature of the beast. But if you have specific wants or needs, list 'em and the good Fleets will respond with more directed information.

But nothing beats your own research imho. Once you have a few Fleets in mind, take a look at their forum thread here, and also their Fleet forum. Read a few posts from different individuals to get a better flavor of the members. I see alot of folks who just want the Fleets to woo them and not really look at the Fleets - I think nobody will be happy unless you make a truly informed choice.

I hope you'll add the VKF to your short list. But regardless, look for us in-game, we love to team with folks and help each other - even in missions we've already done! Good luck!