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# 8 Ho Valrek
02-03-2010, 07:05 AM
Yesterday was pretty smooth I thought, I saw many Fleet-mates in-game, spoke to in vent, and did alot of mission work. Hope your experience was positive - I'll look for you in-game today, maybe we can to a mission together?

We will be building our Fleet starbase at some time in the near future, that's still a game mechanic to be worked out. If you find any good intel on that, please post in our forum so everyone can benefit, thanks!

For folks looking for a Fleet to join, consider the VKF! Read a few posts here, or pose some questions and we'll answer 'em. We're not large, but are growing fast - there are leadership positions if you want that, or just mates to team with in STO - we aim to have the Fleet be what you want (not the other way around).

We don't require much from our members, just some participation (on your terms, not ours), and sharing of knowledge in all things STO or Fleet-related. We are readying a new, better organized Fleet forum and will unveil it soon - to help you find the info and intel you want and need, quickly and without having to spend a lot of time reading posts. The VKF exists to enrich the in-game experience of our members. We are logical, analytical, and have superior intellect (imho). We don't camp, grief, kill steal, or do anything that would diminish the experience of any STO player. We are honorable and will defend the Federation and the highest ideals of the ST genre, this MMO, and fun gameplay for everyone. That includes engaging in glorious PvP battles with enemies, to the mutual enjoyment of all.

To our members, our allies and our friends (and any Federation player), we say Live Long and Prosper! To our enemies, enemies of our allies, and anyone who wants to diminish another's in-game experience, we say Live Long and Subdue!