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# 1 My Consolidated Requests
02-03-2010, 07:16 AM
Hello all, been playing for a few days now, and have a mental list of things I'd like to see change. I've noted that several of these have been raised in other threads, so I won't go on about them too much, but will go ahead and list them anyway.

1) Ability to skip the tutorial.
I've finished the tutorial level at least 6 times now because I want to keep trying out different combinations to see what I like and what I don't like. I have the tutorial memorized by this point, and its becoming quite tedious. I think I've finally (more or less) decided what I want to play as my "main", but I'm not looking forwards to having to grind him through that tutorial again.

2) Armor recolor.
Already a thread for this. Will just say the Chromodynamic Armor would look great on my Cardassian engineer, if it wasn't bright red and blue.

3) More character slots.
Start out with two, get a third when you unlock the Klingon empire. WoW (that "other" mmo) gives you enough slots to make one of each class and then some (10 per server, and 5 servers worth for a total of 50). At the least I'd expect to see 3 slots at the start (one for each spec), with 2 more opening up when you activate the Empire. I understand you guys plan on selling additional character slots, but its rather unforgiving right now.

4) Freeze character animation during creation.
It is unbelievably annoying to try to position a scar or tattoo, for example, when your character keeps turning their blankity blank head away from the camera every 2 seconds. I can't tell you how many times I've had to either completely stop what I was doing and wait for the animation to finish, or try to turn the character around to "chase" after the side of his face I was working on at the time.

5) Loosen up the character animations.
Once we're in game, the animations for the characters (running, jumping, etc) seem rather stiff. Personally, I think this is my own overly high standards affecting this one. Played WoW for quite some time, and they've had half a decade and obscene amounts of money to put into polishing their game, and it shows. Not exactly fair to expect a brand new just got out of beta game to be able to match that, but something to keep on the to-do list for the future.

6) Texture problems on close cut beards.
I wanted to give my klingon a short beard, but it's got a line around the edges to help blend it in to a caucasian skintone better. Looks horrid on a dark skinned klingon though.

7) Give some of the "Alien" options to standard races.
I haven't made a human yet, so maybe this is there and I just haven't seen it, but when creating a custom alien you get the option to give them one of three visors. Why are the visors not available to all races? Dax wore the Jem'Hadar HUD unit many times, and its an option in the Alien creation mode, but I can't give one to my Joined Trill character? There aren't any blind bolians in the entire fleet that need Geordi's visor?

8) Beef up the stun setting on phasers.
Granted, I haven't been in any missions yet that require it, but I've toyed with it. Shoot to Kill is supposed to be the last option to a starfleet officer, but in game its really the only option. What if I don't want to kill every Klingon on the planet in the Undine mission when they're actually right? I tried stunning them instead, but the damage is so utterly pathetic that its useless. And worse yet, my BOs are using it in fights, essentially wasting shots. Have it at least daze or knock the target down for a few seconds to make it worth using. It shouldn't take 4 federation officers all stunning the same half dead klingon for several rounds of fire just to knock him out (my apologies if it has more use that I don't know about, my testing of it was fairly limited).

9) Stop with the dramatic camera sweeps.
While flying or running, if I'm not actively holding down the mouse buttons to constantly adjust direction, the camera tries to sweep around to the side and in front. I presume its trying to be cinematic. What it actually does is make it where I can't see where I'm going. If I want a side view, let me rotate the camera manually to get it where I want it, and leave it there. Having to fight the view controls to get a good angle is one thing, but having to fight to keep it there once I have it is just unacceptable.

10) Make mission targets stand out more.
Its very difficult to find specific NPCs in crowded areas like spacedock or memory alpha. If you have to talk to a specific person for a mission, make that person show up a different color than everybody else on the mini-map, and stick a different colored icon over their head. I shouldn't have to mouse over every named NPC in the zone just to find my target. Its slow, and its frustrating. Did the delivery to memory alpha the other night, and looked all over the zone for the deposit device before having to give up and ask on chat where it was. "The console to the south of me" and "The small lamp directly behind you" don't equate, and I never saw the shining until another player put my finger directly on it. "Hard to see from a distance" is fine for chests "hidden" in levels with loot, but not for primary mission goals where supposedly they told you exactly where to look. Same with the galaxy map, highlight systems I'm supposed to be going to so I don't have to read every last system name in the quadrant just to find where I'm supposed to go.

11) Let us click to activate objects.
In WoW, if there is an item on the ground you need to interact with, your cursor changes, you right click on the item, and you use it. In ST:O we have to use the keyboard or manually select from an onscreen list. Just let us click directly on what we want to use, and let us use it.

12) Better placement of mission reward notices.
Many times when I complete a mission, the list of what I just gained after hitting accept pops up over the text of the NPC, and in the same color, rendering both unreadable until the mission reward notice fades out.

13) Better tricorder scanners.
I scan the area, and find out there are 2 anomalies in the zone. I don't expect to just have those marked on my map so I can go straight to them, there's still the aspect of having to hunt them down, but come on, its a tricorder. At least have it point us in the general direction. "1 anomalous reading detected to the North." Not even an arrow pointing, just giving us cardinal directions would suffice. Maybe bring up a replica of the ship shields where it could color them from blue to red around you depending on which way you should go. Like if the anomaly is behind you, your "aft shields" would turn from blue to green to yellow to red depending on how far away it was.

14) More non-combat missions.
Again, I haven't gone through but a small fraction of the missions so far, but other than the occassional "Go visit this guy in system X" and a talk to the miners/find the miner, its always been a fight. How about using the tricorder system described above (or something similar) combined with having to find a mission specific item or area (scan for mineral deposites, scan for the missing person's lifesigns, etc) where you have to play marco polo with your scanning to hunt them down. Again, this may already be in the game and I just haven't found it yet, but from what I've seen so far its a very combat heavy ratio for a game based on a fairly combat light universe.

15) More flexible missions.
Take a page from Starship Creator's book. Have missions with set goals and multiple ways to accomplish those goals based on what you can bring to the table. One mission from that game was to take an ambassador to a conference. Whoops, he's clausterphoic! If your ship had a holodeck, you could put him in there and pass the mission. If you didn't, an arboretum or other sufficiently large rec area would do as well. Take the Talk to the Miners mission again (since its the best non-combat mission I've done so far). One of them says the holodeck is broken. I've got a highly skilled engineer standing next to me, and I can't have him take a look at the holodeck to see if he can do some repairs on it? Let the away team do something besides follow you around like puppies and shoot at things. Maybe give the missions tiered success levels. There's what you need to do to pass the mission, and then there's extra you can do to get a larger reward. Fix the holodeck with your engineer, rescue all 20 people on the map when you only need to get 10 to succeed, etc. Let us show some initiative to go above and beyond the call of duty.

16) Internal ship systems.
I believe I read that in time we'd be able to explore our entire ship, not just the bridge. I for one loved the ability to stock my ship in Starship Creator, but was dissappointed in that the missions were all scripted pass/fail scenarios. We already have the Starship Creator quality custom modifications for the outside of the ship, lets do the same inside. Combine it with the flexible mission stuff above to where how you do the mission will depend on what kind of facilities you have on your ship. Say you have a mission to chart a stellar nursery. Normal scanners would be enough to let you pass the mission, but if you have an astrometrics lab on board, you'd get an extra bonus for being able to collect better data. Different type ships would have different amounts of internal components, much like the current tactical/engineering/science station stuff works. Cruisers are big and have more room for recreational slots, cargo bays, etc that make them good for transporting goods or groups of people, science vessels get more slots for different laboratories, tactical gets to carry extra torpedoes or something. Have missions that one type of ship excels at, one can just scrape by, and the other can't do at all. The Defiant isn't going to be transporting a terraforming team, a Nova could carry some, while a Galaxy could take the entire group. Of course, you could trade out components like you do now for specific missions to where an escort could have extra cargo space at the cost of removing a torpedo launcher, for example.

Some of these are fairly easy to do, others would be fairly major additions to the game, but from the perspective of a new player, these are the things that stood out to me most so far.