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02-03-2010, 07:22 AM
I agree, we need at a cancel button of sorts.

I've tried to zone into an instance, got about 10% loaded then big red 'DISCONNECTED FROM SERVER' appeared at the top of the loading screen. No buttons, escape didn't work, so I figured I'd grab a snack while waiting to time out. Came back 4-5 minutes later and nothing had changed. Good ol ctrl + shift + esc -> end task fixed that.

In fact I really am annoyed at the lack of interaction with the game itself. No indication your are lagged out in space other than the fact you are stuck moving at 1/4 impulse regardless of what you were doing before, can only fire torps that have no effect and turn at the rate you would when stopped. Ground combat is the same. I walk half way across DS9 and wonder why the window doesn't pop up in front of a merchent only to be rubberbanded back to the zone in point with no idea whatsoever I was lagging. During these laggy moments you can't even log out / back in. Have to shut it down compeltely or sit around hoping for it to fix itself or get DC'd.