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02-03-2010, 08:33 AM
Originally Posted by FleetCaptainGarth View Post
He's probably went ape$hit when he found out that he had to preorder to get the TOS uniform...
Oh, I'm sure if William Shattner, Wil Wheaton, or ANY actor/ess with any connection to the Trek Franchise wanted to get some speciific in-game item that they missed on Pre-order, they'd just call up Cryptic and say "Hey, I'll do a commercial for you, I'll even waive most of my fee, but I want a lifetime subscription with ALL the pre-order goodies."

You'll be able to tell Shattner though, if he ever did the commercial you'd end up seeing him cruising around in the ToS Connie at T5 (upgraded to be competitive @ T5) with custom Kirk hair and ToS uniforms and phasers.