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02-03-2010, 08:35 AM
Originally Posted by Vrayel
I'll back this up and I'll just say this one thing and try to keep it short.

I read in a thread, posted to by a "Dev", that "WE" asked to have the logon queue implemented. I for one didn't ask for it. Many, and I mean MANY players screamed at you over it. I don't recall seeing the thread asking for it and it sure didn't contain the majority of the player base or it would have been a LOT more prevalent.

So, yes, keep a VERY level head and don't make snap decisions. Ensure what you do is balanced, which I'm sure you will do without even mentioning it. But, alas, the fear is there as other MMOs have not done this well.
I totally agree wit the OP but in terms of your comments here...

Actually we asked for it in the OB, we didnt have much choice... before the queue system when the capacity was low you would just keep hitting sign in and getting told the server was full and then bounced back to the main screen, you would then have to keep hitting log in over and over and over until eventually you got in which could of been over 15 minute so thats a lot of tries sow e asked for that until they got more capacity so weid but only by them not being prepared, hope when the capacity is increased you wont ever see the queing message anyay, i haven't so far...