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# 1 food is unappetizing
02-03-2010, 08:36 AM
No, really. Something was missing from my game experience and when I figured out what it was, I decided to fire up the replicator and see what was available in the way of stat food. Oh look, this first item gives back 56% health over 3.5 sec. Neat. Hmm, the next back 56% health over 3.5 sec. I wonder what the next one does...It gives back 56% health over 3.5 sec...They ALL do EXACTLY the same thing. Why is there a veritable buffet menu on the replicator if EVERY piece of food does EXACTLY the same thing? Typically in games, different foods buff different stats. You load up on the food that buffs the stats you want so you can eke out another few points of DPS, defence, resistances, health, accuracy...whatever. The replicator should be your one-stop stat buff food shop before you beam down on your away mission. As it is, there's really only a couple dozen names for the same boring HoT.

I found that disappointing. it has (had?) so much potential. Hopefully they mix it up a bit.