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02-03-2010, 07:40 AM
Originally Posted by Tricksty
I might be wrong here, but when i control the ship, it would add a totally new layer of complexity if you had 360 degree on all axis.

My reasoning is the way we control the ship and teh way to camera follows.

I use both mouse buttons to move as i find this easier, and use the keyboard for all the other things (programmable keys always help here)

If i tried to move in a full 3D space, i get a little confused and disoriented, and i think it has been mentioned before that most people cannot calculate depth and distance as well when flying, which seperates the really good fighter pilots from the good ones. (not sure if i am explaining this correctly)

But i think it would be better to allow for a straight "up" and "down" on that axis, so full 180 degree, instead of the 120 we got currently.

It is just funny to me that i can not go staight up
I know what you mean...because our brain needs some orientation points and can't handle to to many dimensions.

But in the end that doesn't matter. Only thing that's important would be your facing twards an object/planet/enemy...that's somehow your point to maneuver in space