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# 1 So...about those servers
02-03-2010, 07:50 AM
I was quite quick to criticize Cryptic for their total F'ed up headstart. Mainly because they did. Servers down half the time, screwups with the C-store, and the inability to use any pre-order bonuses. Mainly the server issue was what bothered me the most. They were totally unacceptable.

By the same token, I wanted to take a moment over my morning coffee to be just as quick to praise Cryptic for their handling of the first day. I went into the evening after stopping off at GameStop to pick up my pre-order with the complete expectation of not being able to play or perhaps not even to be able to create my character. I could not have been more wrong and surprised! I don't know what yall did down there. Maybe you had a crew standing in the NOC giving warm fuzzy hugs to the servers every 5 minutes and playing Yoko Ono records. It doesn't matter. Whatever you did, you did it right. I had a completely enjoyable evening with absolutely no down time from 6pm through 11pm (CST). Seriously, awesome job.

I had only a couple minor (minor in the grand scheme of things) issues with costumes but I was able to get my key entered, pick up my connie, capacitor and shuttle from the C-store on a new character I was able ti easily create without waiting for servers. I was able to pick up all the mail and items I had stashed for this new toon during head start with no problems and the system worked. It simply worked.

I will, of course, be *****ing about more issues but I wanted to take my cynical hat off for a moment and hand out a round of attaboys when they were well deserved.