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02-03-2010, 07:54 AM
Originally Posted by Chenchuan View Post
also keep in mind that moving forward most of their input will come from Test server players and not us....

now my decade of MMO experience tells me that generally the people who inhabit test server on regular basis are... well... lets just call them synchophants who want to be buds with the devs and feel special. Their input is often at odds with the general playerbase.
This has been the case for as long as MMO games have been out. Take Everquest, less then 10% of the gameplayers got to see most of the content in the Expansions as it was all based on the very vocal hardcore players (FoH ruined many a game). I KNOW there has to be a challange for the hardcore, and them being that (hardcore) they chew threw most anything in very short order and want more. When not playing as they have run XXXX 75 times in last week, slept 10 hours in past 4 days and have every peice of loot, they dont have anything left to do but be vocal in boards/forums.

While other players try different ships, classes, races and generaly dont care if they have the best loot and where max level a week before anybody else. They..err, um play and have fun.

To many games only worry about the Hardcore. One reason (god, i hate to mention it but...) WoW is so succesfull, the hardcore (though when compared to EQ, UO, and other older MMORPG's i hate to use that term in WoW) and the average players all have something they can do. WoW has simply not pigon holed any group, they add Raid, Heroic, but hey also add tradeskills, achievments, factions grinds (is that a good thing?) that joe shmoo in solo quest reward gear can do.

this is the reason WoW succeds and the rest servive. (opinion only)