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02-03-2010, 07:57 AM
Originally Posted by Debaser View Post
[color="Lime"]I would like to see the devs add alot more new "buff" tribbles, including more rares and super rares, and of course there must be an EPIC tribble out there somewhere! Tribble breeding is a curiously fun side hobby in-game and I think they have a winner if they can keep introducing new stuff from time to time, it' s kind of like an undocumented crafting profession.
The above is fine, and the best way to get more stuff added is to show we're taking an active interest in what's been put in already. With regards to the rest of your post, however, please note that any sort of petition or call for signatures or bumps is strictly forbidden on these forums, and can get threads locked or removed. The Dev Tracker is littered with threads shut down because of petitions; we don't want that to happen here!