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02-03-2010, 08:03 AM
Originally Posted by Kirrian
Can we get a developer that isn't afraid of a little complexity?
This is a game marketed for the western yes they are very afraid of making a game too smart for the avg player. They saw what happened to the original SWG and there hasnt been a complex MMO since.

As far as space physics goes I cant imagine a ship of that size could ever pull a real barrel roll. This is all assumption but some type of fake gravity must exist on ship unless the ship itself is massive enough (highly unlikely) to create what the human body is used to. Whatever form it takes its hard to imagine that its strong enough to not be affected by a massive ship trying to pull a full 360 barrel roll in 10 seconds. Imagine the amount of angular momentum generated and the centrifugal force exerted on crew members with a max distance from the center of mass (outer decks).

My roomie is complaining about the same thing but I just think the space combat is fun as hell and dont wanna worry about the little things. Would it be more immersive if we had full axis control yes. Does it really affect gameplay or fun factor that much no. Are we sick of the crying...YES!!!!