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02-03-2010, 09:07 AM
Originally Posted by bharatbd View Post
so Triare and Slingblades, you two believe tier 1 is balanced or not?
I have yet to try pvp with my fed. I'll be high enough level to try that tonight or tommorow. One thing i will say is, feds don't work together, don't put much power to weapons (100% weapons increases your damage by approx 2.25 times). They also don't use things like jam sensor or tractor beam that often. I also find feds not using both their phasers to broadside and then finishing it off with a torpedo and the front beam. They also sit at 3-5km away instead of circling BoP's so they have an easy time fighting back. All of these things leads to them doing a lot worse in PvP then they are capable of.