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02-03-2010, 08:26 AM
Originally Posted by kanid
This I agree with. Im usually healed up within seconds after a fight so whats the point of food then ?
Thats my point though. the food is useless as it is. One could argue you'd have to have a pretty strong gut to down a bowl of klingon Gah or whatever it's called. (The squirmy live worm things) Thus, a serving of that could give you a bonus like some small percentage to your overall health. Blood wine is Klingon Alchohol. Mix enough Klingons with enough alchohol and I'm certain you'll have a good old fashioned brawl at some point. Thusly, blood wine could grant you a small strength bonus for melee damage. Possibly even a debuff to accuracy, so you can punch the other guys lights out, but your bridge officers should run for cover if you pull out a rifle Cardassians are known for their resilience, so some cardassian dish might grant you a small percentage bonus to your resistances. you get the idea.

The fact that every piece of food I come across gives me 56% health over 3.5 seconds makes everything useless. I don't bother to pick it up anymore, which is maybe why I'm not seeing that there is stuff out there with some interesting variety. I'll try and pay more attention to it, but the fact still remains, as far as the replicator is concerned if it's all completely worthless, why are there so many varieties of the same HoT on the replicator when it has the potential to be so much more?