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02-03-2010, 08:28 AM
While I applaud the overall spirit of your post....

Originally Posted by Wolfiesden
I was quite quick to criticize Cryptic for their total F'ed up headstart. Mainly because they did.
Uh, no....they didn't. Things happen unexpectedly in life in every context. This was absolutely no different. They were presented with issues they hadn't encountered before, and they've rushed to fix them as best and as quickly as they can. That's the norm in the MMO and online gaming industry. That doesn't mean 'they f'ed up'. Some games/companies/etc. are more fortunate than others in that regard, some aren't...and I guarantee you those who are employed at the ones who are would tell you the exact same thing.

This isn't a simplistic environment we're participating in, and many of us understand that going in, regardless of whether its this game/developer/publisher or the next one. That doesn't make it any less frustrating to go through at the time by any means, but 'they f'ed up'? Having unrealistic expectations of anything in life doesn't mean the person or circumstances surrounding eventual failure to meet those unrealistic expectations is 'f'ed up'. The problem in those cases lies squarely in the mirror.