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02-03-2010, 08:29 AM
Originally Posted by LastOrder78
On a related note, has anyone actually replied to the sellers with a "The pursuit of monetary wealth is no longer a driving force in our society. Now bugger off."
I have!
They have not responded back though

To answer someone's question about to make energy credits:
Sell just about anything you get except for some hynos and shield charges for yourself. And when you sell it, sell it on Starbase to a Starfleet NPC. Selling in to your replicator nets you 40% of the item's value as opposed to the 50% Starbases offer.

Consoles and some weapons are best sold on the Exhange as you can get a decent return there. I usually sell commons for 80% of their value. This gets them sold quickly, makes more more credits then selling them to a vendor, and is cheaper on the buyer as he gets what he wants for less then a vendor will sell it for. Blues and greens go for a bit more, like 100% their value. But not the outrageous 100,000 for a common Mk3 photon torp I have seen.

I also use a mishmash of stuff, even at Lt. Commander. For example I still use a Mk 2 science console to give me some increased crew recovery.

These practices have allowed me to buy a science vessel and an escort in addition to my free cruiser as well as staying outfighted in the best weapons and equipment energy can buy.