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02-03-2010, 09:11 AM
Teir 2: The Consitution's turn rate was okay when I first got her. Halfway through Tier 2, she turned like a dream.

Tier 3: The Cheyenne turned like a pig when I played her during Beta. Her turn rate needs to be at least an 9, since she's really not supposed to be the same weight as the Consitution.

Didn't get a chance to try the Galaxy or the Sovereign, but judging from their turn rate numbers, they are indeed lacking. For instance, the Negh'Var is a 9, and when we saw her in DS9, it was a slow turning behemoth.

IMHO turn rates should be this:


Tier 2: Consitution - 9
Tier 3: Cheynne - 8.5
Tier 4: Galaxy - 6
Tier 5: Sovereign - 7

Klingon Cruisers:

Tier 3: K'T'inga - 9
Tier 4: Vor'cha - 7
Tier 5: Negh'var - 5

For the Klingon BoP's and Raptors, I find it hard to believe that a BoP thats 400m has a turn rate of 21 and a Raptor the size of 400+m has a turn rate of 15. Lets get some nerfing in Devs.

Also, Cruisers in general need stronger shields to compensate for that lack of turn radius. It's too noticable in PvP.