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02-03-2010, 10:21 AM
Originally Posted by Yargnit View Post
The Recon does in fact turn much better in game. ATM it isn't exactly clear how the inertia and tun rate interact with each other (or if turn rate is even a real stat anymore) As the game is currently you're best bet for comparing manuverability is to look at the inertia stat exclusively until we can figure out if turn rate really exists and what it currently is.

Recon turns almost as well as the t3 (Akria style) Escort, while Deep Space feels more like a t2 or 3 crusier. (not a brick like t4/5 crusiers, but certianly not an escort by any means)
I can confirm that. Tested the Deep Space and Reconaissance today especially in Combat Situations to find out if the Reconaissance really is that useless and you donīt have to be an expert to feel immediately, that even if the stats might indicate a better turnrate when flying the Deep Space Ship, thats wrong. The Reconaissance is definetively more manouvrable.