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02-03-2010, 09:38 AM
I'm pretty sure Epsilon Fleet, or at least a few members, will be trying to attend.

A word of warning. We tried to organize a small Fleet gathering in the Lounge at SB 01 back in beta. It's kind of a logistical nightmare. First you need to form a team to try and get folks into the same instance together. If that doesn't work you need to "Change Instances" to the one everyone is in (if they know themselves). On top of that the instance cap for the whole of SB 01, including the Lounge, is 50 players. 50 players who are mostly not involved in whatever you're doing there but are helping to max out the cap all the same.

Lastly, and this was the kicker, the instance number will change by itself! We started off in Instance 9 and ended up in Instance 54 or something without anyone ever leaving the place. So we were telling folks to meet us in one Instance, Instance 9, and and were then being told it didn't exist or was full!

And this was a small group of about six to ten that trickled in over the course of an evening. A larger gathering is probably logistically impossible. That's why I had been going on about the need for mirrored static instances, with discrete pop caps, for the Lounge in General Discussion before.

I'd say still try it and see what happens. Either it works out better for this gathering than it did for us or all the more people demanding our version of a Pocket D for centralized RP get togethers.