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02-03-2010, 10:45 AM
Originally Posted by Darkarma View Post
...Bat'leths for feds who embrace their inner Klingon! Though that should be for another thread...
Once you hit "Commander" level, go out to DS9. You may be pleasantly surprised.

And tally another vote for skirts (NPC models in the "Treasure Station" bar are wearing them, so it shouldn't be that difficult…), TOS-era hairstyles, and the black 'scoop-me' boots from TOS. I need footage of my toon stomping Romulan keister, Yeoman Rand style.

Also, didn't mind the TMP-era grey uniforms, Kes' uniform from Voyager, TOS-era Klingon and Romulan uniforms (I know those exist in-game already), these and anything canon might be an idea for future buffs.

Let the devs know that I'm saving all of those Cryptic Points (Ferengi? Bah.) for some of these options.

And, if I'm not making too much of a pig of myself here, that lil' sparkly number Tasha Yar wore when she found that Data was "fully functional" wouldn't hurt either. Play to the fanboys,it'd work for the Orion toons, as well.