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02-03-2010, 09:47 AM
Hm, let's see. Atari says "release game at X day"

People on forums cry "We want balance by Y day"

Devs say... "Damnit, we sold our company to Atari. Let's bend over and do X, then after 45 days we accomplish Y"

Any of you guys watch the interview with the devs? Major content release is planned for under 2 months after release, and Klingons are highest priority. Everyone moaned, groaned, etc. the entire way through Beta; but people forget what Beta is really about. It's not about ADDING content, it's about testing existing content. They'll add content, and I'm under the impression it will be FREE. So stop griping, or I won't complain when the Dev's decide to slap a price tag on their Klingon content.