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02-03-2010, 09:58 AM
there is an Inertia system in place to partially address the issue. The throttle and the pitch commands have numerics that can be adjusted (via /bind_save_file and load respectively - WHILE IN SPACE <-important) but not left/right.

I'd recommend changing the setup to something similar to what I'm using.

Right Press = Enable Mouse Look
Right Drag = Turn Ship to Face Camers
Middle click = Toggle mouse look
W, Mouse Scroll Up = Throttle Up
S, Mouse Scroll Down = Throttle Down
A = Turn Left (+left)
D = Turn Right (+right)

(Bear in mind, my conifg is heavily modified so you probably just want to take note of the patterns/tricks being used and apply them in manner suitable to your own preferred conifg. I personally prefer using the Mouse for Vertical movement but also need it for camera control independent of ship movement. Left+Right = Fire All Phasers in my config as well.)

The UI is horribly simplistic for the needs of the game and can't handle input adequately so I doubt they'll even consider your idea anytime soon (ie. they need do more basic stuff before they could consider doing it). Ex. using the above config, anytime your turning via mouse and using the keys to modify movement - releasing the mouse input will cause Both inputs to cancel/be ignored. (haven't checked whether keyboard input has similar effect).

Basic Key Binds and Command List
should help with getting things working for you. Unfortunately they haven't stickied that thread so its kind of hard to find.

Also, a lot of people have been saying to use AutoHotkey to compensate for the limited UI (I haven't as it seems to much work to set all that up - I have a Gamepad remapper but even setting up that to compensate for the UI flaws would be excessive IMO). Personally, I just config a little and make the most of things while waiting to see if they'll ever get around to improving the UI functionality.

Essentially, what your asking for is a leading line/ Vector line. It would work with the Turn-Ship-To-Face function but would also require a control mesh addition possibly (the forecasting system may already be using one though). Thats actually more involved than just UI - networking forcasting - the sync packet contents - basic state variables. Which would require more concrete knowledge and consistency in UI than is present.