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02-03-2010, 11:00 AM
Originally Posted by Kameleonic View Post
Q. Have you ever played as a Tier 2 Klingon?

If yes: You have very valid points.
If no: You have somewhat valid points.

You really need to see it from both angles.

I am only just Tier 2 Klingon, no PvP yet. In Tier 1 it was 50/50 always: I lost or I won, that was it. I tried PvP from both sides in Tier 1 and realised we were well balanced.

Tier 2 I don't know, but I do know that unless someone has tried both sides, they are only somewhat knowledgable at best.
You suck if your T1 was 50/50. Klings are OP in t1. I am almost to t3 as a kling now.

Dear Fed who just hit t2 and now he wants to PVP.

YOU ARE GOING TO GET FING KILLED!!!! Do you realize there is nothing else to do as a klingon (other than kahless to level 16.) So we get good at it. You cannot come in on your first match with no organization, no teamwork, no heal skills, and only pve experience and expect to win!!!